The big picture

More than ever cultural organisations need to keep an eye on what’s on the horizon. Big changes mean opportunities as well as challenges and the chance for the arts to play a bigger role in society.


Our society is changing and the shifting landscape will be visible in the way local government and public services are run. It is important for everyone in the cultural and public sectors to keep abreast of national and local developments to make the most of opportunities.



The changes in the way arts and culture is funded might be risky for many, but delivering services that are commissioned could put culture on a better footing than before. Beyond the financial opportunities, there is the chance to think innovatively, become embedded in the mainstream and build partnerships to support the local cultural ecology.



Commissioners are recognising the added value that cultural providers can bring, and see that the benefit to society could be significant as the arts and culture become a more common element in services such as health and social care. Arts and cultural organisations have a role to play in articulating this value and demonstrating it to commissioners as part of a long term strategic partnership.