Guidance on Use

The Arts and Cultural Commissioning Toolkit (ACCT)– -is a public resource that is free to access.

We want to encourage people and organisations to share ACCT, promote its use and develop their own resources and support services around it.

To ensure that the resource can be maintained and that it retains value we ask that you follow these simple guidelines when using or sharing ACCT or when developing any resources, activities, events based upon it.

By following these guidelines and using the associated media pack and materials provided, you will help others to access and use ACCT in the most inclusive and effective way.

If you have any questions or comments on these guidelines please contact

Use of The Arts and Cultural Commissioning Toolkit


We would love for you to share and promote ACCT online, at events and in presentations but please use the materials we provide and credit it appropriately – you don’t need to contact us to ask permission for non commercial use but we would like to hear where and how people are using the resources.

We are happy to explore ideas for the development of commercial activity and innovation. However, it is important that the core of ACCT remains freely available and that it is used appropriately with the correct credits - please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your ideas.

Non Commercial Use

The Arts and Cultural Commissioning Toolkit ( is provided for public access and information purposes

The website and content remain copyright of the partners and its licensors

You may use content from the site for non-commercial use as long as it is credited correctly and that the appropriate sharing guidelines are followed.

Commercial use

Content may not be used directly or indirectly for commercial gain in any way without express permission from the toolkit partners.

You may not use the Arts and Cultural Commissioning (ACCT) name, url or logo to endorse any commercial resource or event without express permission from the partners.

You may not use partner logos other than those provided in the media pack and in accordance with the sharing guidelines.

If you would like to develop commercial resources or events or have any questions about identifying commercial/non-commercial use please contact us as soon as possible.

Sharing The Arts and Cultural Commissioning Toolkit

Name & Acronyms

Please refer to the website and associated resources as The Arts and Cultural Commissioning Toolkit where possible. If an abbreviation is required please use ACCT.


To ensure visitors get information in context please use the main URL where possible

If using hyperlinked words please use:

The Arts and Cultural Commissioning Toolkit


Include the following credit - with links and logos -wherever possible.

The Arts and Cultural Commissioning Toolkit (ACCT) was commissioned by Royal Opera House Bridge, Artswork and Kent County Council with funding from Arts Council England.
The website was written and produced by
MB Associates and designed by Morph.

The experience of six cultural providers, their partners and the commissioning group was used to create this toolkit.

Partner/Supporter Links

Royal Opera House Bridge

Kent County Council


Arts Council England

MB Associates


Twitter Links & Hashtags

When sharing on twitter please mention the partners and use the hashtag where possible

Artswork - @ArtsworkLtd

Kent County Council - @KentCulture

Royal Opera House Bridge - @ROHBridge

Hashtag - #ACCToolkit


To ensure consistency of information please use the PowerPoint slides provided in the media pack. You may adapt the content if required – in line with these guidelines.


The aim of the Toolkit was to help demystify the commissioning process and support arts and cultural organisations who are unfamiliar with commissioning to take up the opportunities. To help maintain this aim please try to use simple, jargon/acronym free language wherever possible.

Contact and Enquiries

If your sharing, presentation or event generates questions about the toolkit please refer them to